Digital Marketing Course for Students

Digital Marketing Course for Students

Image Search Optimization

Image Search Optimization, or ISO, is related to SEO, but is related to image searches. Perhaps some people will wonder why searching for a photograph, cartoon or diagram is important for your website, well, many image searches lead directly to people accessing the website where from the image originates. First, you need to choose your […]

Types of SEO

There are a number of types of SEO. They are as follows: Keywords Keywords are often seen as one of the most important elements of SEO. Quite simply, a keyword is a brightly colored flag sticking out of the haystack with the words “needle here” emblazoned on it. But at the same time, it is […]

How Search Engines Work

Search engines need to process millions of websites and tens if not hundreds of million webpages whenever any web search is made. The key to mastering SEO is knowing how a search engine reads your website’s content and processes it for a relevant web search. One problem in trying to understand how a search engine […]

What is SEO ?

Ever wondered why some websites rank better than the others do? It is because of a powerful web content technique called Search Engine Optimization, which is usually shortened to SEO. This is the art of increasing your site’s natural search engine ranking, so that you rank high in the right searches. For example, if your […]

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