What is SEO ?

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What is SEO ?

Ever wondered why some websites rank better than the others do? It is because of a powerful web content technique called Search Engine Optimization, which is usually shortened to SEO. This is the art of increasing your site’s natural search engine ranking, so that you rank high in the right searches.

For example, if your company sells vacuum cleaners you would expect to rank well when people look for vacuum cleaner websites. Ranking well is important because the majority of users only click on links to sites on the first page. Furthermore, it can be argued that most only click on the sites at the top of the page.

Successful SEO depends on a variety of factors. These include such elements outlined in section such as keywords, titles, tags and internal link structures.

It also depends on how each specific search engine operates (see section 1.2) and what their expectations are.

There are, however, some safe means of ensuring your website ranks well and we will teach you how to employ those techniques. Above all those little tricks and trades, one thing is clearly important and that is quality. Modern search engines expect sites to contain quality content that is useful, factually correct and not solely designed for sales purposes (except shop fronts and selling areas of course).

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