Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

Marketing a web site is critical to the success of E-commerce endeavor. Marketing leads to visits, visits lead to sales, sales lead to repeat sales.

The most successful e-commerce companies play a major emphasis on marketing their site. These sites take advantage of not only in traditional media such as magazines, newspapers and TV commercials , but also electronic media, such as banner ads, search engines, and email distribution list.

Companies are spending more and more resources on internet marketing . On the whole process of internet marketing, promotion is a important stages, because you can build a web, but visitor may not come, they must know where to find you and why to look. So how to attract and keep customers become a key in the internet marketing.

In this report, I focus on internet marketing promotion process, strategies and methods, and some compare are made. A number of companies have developed productions and solution for promotion internet marketing, four cases are studied here.

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